Friday Football Showdown at Golden Nugget comes down to Outback Bowl on New Year's Day

Dave Tuley senior reporter

January 1, 2018 07:11 AM

LAS VEGAS – The $190,000 Friday Football Showdown handicapping contest at the Golden Nugget has gone through 12 weekends of preliminary games, a weekend of four first-round playoff matchups, a weekend of four second-round playoff matchups, a weekend of four quarterfinal matchups, a weekend of two semifinal matchups and this past weekend’s championship match.

So what’s one more day?

The Outback Bowl at noon ET/9 a.m. PT on Monday, New Year’s Day, will decide the title between defending champion Chris Kozak (alias Mucked Nuts) and David Miller (alias DMill). Miller is already in the clubhouse with his seven plays at 4-3 while Kozak is 3-3, but he holds the tiebreaker and has South Carolina plus-8 against Michigan. If the Gamecocks cover, Kozak repeats as champ. If Michigan covers (OR if Michigan wins by exactly 8 points for a push), the title goes to Miller.

They’re playing for the first-place prize of $60,000 with the runner-up earning $30,000 (so, we imagine both professional bettors will be hedging with at least some of their equity). Miller has already earned $9,000 as he received $3,000 just like all 16 playoff qualifiers, a $3,000 bonus for having one of the top four records during the preliminary rounds and $3,000 for his quarterfinal victory. Kozak has already earned $7,000: $3,000 for making playoffs, $1,000 for his second-round playoff win (he received a bye in the first round as the No. 5 seed while Miller received a double-bye) and $3,000 for his quarterfinal win.

Here are all their plays for the championship match (remember: they’re listed in order of confidence with the best bet last for use in case of a tiebreaker, which them moves backward up the lists until the tie is broken; in this case, it went to the fourth tiebreaker with Kozak claiming it with a win on the common play of 49ers -3 while Miller lost with Arizona St. in the Sun Bowl):


#3 DMILL/David Miller (4-3)

49ERS -3 vs. Rams ***WIN****

OHIO ST -8 vs. Southern Cal ***WIN***

BUCCANEERS 7 vs. Saints ***WIN***

ARIZONA ST. plus-7 vs. NC ST. ***LOSS***

RAIDERS plus-8 at Chargers ***LOSS***

DOLPHINS plus-3 vs. Bills ***LOSS***



#5 MUCKED NUTS/Chris Kozak (3-3)

COLTS -4½ vs. Texans ***WIN***

SOUTH CAROLINA plus-8 vs. Michigan


49ERS -3 vs. Rams ***WIN***

DOLPHINS plus-3 at Bills ***LOSS***



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