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Four effective Week 1 betting systems


With the much-anticipated NFL season set to open, bettors will once again be looking for the best information they can find to get off to profitable starts. So it’s the ideal time to look more closely at four betting systems that have been successful and consistent in analyzing previous Week 1 action. These are angles that take into account how the teams fared the previous year and how they typically transition into the next season’s openers.

These systems are based on oddsmakers’ perceptions. Although the belief is that the house always wins, sometimes even the so-called experts are off too. In other cases, they have the teams pegged accurately. The systems I’m about to unveil detail situations in which you can take advantage.

The most important note is that every team, regardless of what happened last year or what player or coaching transactions it made in the offseason, is starting with a fresh slate. That can do wonders for a team. It can also wipe out any momentum generated the previous season. All of this is very tough to measure, and with no on-field action to digest, how can those setting the lines be expected to accurately quantify teams’ Week 1 chemistry? This can be advantageous to bettors.

Remember, the bookies’ job theoretically is to try to maximize even action on the wagering options, not so much to pick the game. Naturally, weak spots will show up, and savvy bettors who are prepared with knowledge of the teams and a powerful weapon like systems can be ready to take advantage. Here are four to help you get ready for NFL kickoff 2021.

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