Having reached Week 5 of the 2019 college football season, this is typically the point where most teams are either into conference play or about to embark on league action. Other than the select super powers that still boast national title aspirations, most other teams list as their primary goal to win

a conference championship. Naturally, conference games take on a greater importance than non-conference, and thus the focus, preparation level and need for execution is enhanced. Hopefully we know enough about the teams at this point to have a good feel for how they’ll do in conference play. If not, we can always lean on past performance as the basis for our handicapping going forward.

What I am here to do for you in this article is to show you how teams in the various leagues have performed recently in conference games, both overall and in various home/road and favorite/ underdog scenarios.

You will see from the various charts sprinkled in below for each conference that I have listed each team’s SU & ATS record in conference games since 2014, along with their Over-Under results, average line played to and average points for/against. On the right half of each chart, you’ll find their ATS

records at home & on the road and as favorites or underdogs in league games during that span.

Along with the various conference charts, for each league you will find some of my own observations. Note that for all of the Straight Up (SU) records, all those above 70% are highlighted in grey and all those 30% and below are designated in black with white lettering. For all of the other Over-Under or ATS columns, the same color designations are given for below 42% (bad) and above 58% (good).

Finally, following the conference by conference analysis, you’ll find a list of 10 top trends from teams in each conference in a variety of situations.

If this is anything like most seasons, the lines tend to get a lot sharper after a full month of games, so you need any type of advantage you can get. One of those advantages is understanding team tendencies. Hopefully, you have a good feel for that after reading this piece.

Keep in mind that these results include games from the start of the 2014 season through games of this past weekend.

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