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Circa Million Week 9 Lines, Picks & Consensus

By Adam Burke  ( 

November 6, 2021 05:40 PM

Every week in the Circa Sports Million III is a big one, but this one takes on extra importance because prize money is on the line. The second quarter ends with the Week 9 results, which means that another $271,750 will be taken from the prize pool and awarded to the winners.

The highest point total from Weeks 5 through 9 is worth $171,750 with the enhanced quarter prizes this season. Second place for the second quarter is worth $50,000, while third place is worth $25,000. The lowest point total with all 25 picks gets a $25,000 Booby Prize.

Rolfsbudo7 enters the weekend with 17.5 points and a record of 17-2-1 from Week 5 up to now. Azzurri99 and Team Trixie are tied with 17 points. There is a four-way tie for fourth with 16.5 points and 15 entries are tied for eighth with 16 points.

The Booby Prize leader is PickJockey with a record of 2-17-1 and just 2.5 points. There are three entries tied with three points, including both entries belonging to King Dubb.

As far as the full-season standings go, Hannibal Barca is the leader with 31 points. Old School HustlersA is just a half-point back of the lead. JJarvis1 17 and 2733 Dan 5 are tied for third with 30 points. Four entries are tied for fifth with 29.5 points.

This is the halfway point of the season with an 18th week added to the schedule. Picks 41 through 45 out of the maximum 90 will be entered into the record books. The quarter prizes keep everybody invested, even with a bad start, so a lot of money will be handed out the rest of the way, but the standings are definitely as tight as can be to this point.

A quick recap of Week 8:

  • Top-five consensus picks (five most popular sides) went 1-4 (Vikings, Bengals, Lions, Colts, Patriots)
  • Consensus picks (most popular side in each game) 9-6
  • Week 8 record was 9,480-10,615 (47.2 percent)

For the year-to-date:

  • Top-five consensus picks are 24-16
  • Consensus picks are 69-51-1
  • Overall record is 84,287-75,882-1891 (52.6 percent)

Week 8 marked just the second losing week of the season. Week 5 was the other one, but this past week speaks to the importance of the biggest decisions. Sportsbooks had a huge week and erased a lot of their losses for the season because of decisions like the Vikings/Cowboys and Bengals/Jets games. It was a huge week for underdogs and those can sometimes be bad weeks in the contest.

Here are the Week 9 Circa Million lines and pick counts (* denotes home):

1 Colts* 134

2 Jets (+ 10.5) 148


3 Dolphins* 599

4 Texans (+ 4.5) 491


5 Cowboys* 655

6 Broncos (+ 10) 625


7 Ravens* 934

8 Vikings (+ 6) 692


9 Patriots 1112 (consensus #4)

10 Panthers* (+ 3.5) 606


11 Bills 776

12 Jaguars* (+ 15) 287


13 Bengals* 1130 (consensus #3)

14 Browns (+ 2.5) 705


15 Raiders 906

16 Giants* (+ 3) 602


17 Saints* 480

18 Falcons (+ 6.5) 812


19 Chargers 1646 (consensus #2)

20 Eagles* (+ 1.5) 452


21 Chiefs* 393

22 Packers (+ 7.5) 1098 (consensus #5)


23 Cardinals 574

24 49ers* (+ 1) 1679 (consensus #1)


25 Rams* 902

26 Titans (+ 7.5) 602


27 Steelers* 443

28 Bears (+ 6.5) 547

The top-five consensus is the San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers.

The 49ers come in as the top pick with some stale line value and a lot of whispers that Kyler Murray won’t play for the Cardinals. The Chargers are a rather interesting second choice, given that the line gradually inched down throughout the week. The Bengals, Patriots and Packers are the only others with over 1,000 picks and Green Bay with Jordan Love is a bit of a shocker.

Check back each week with a Saturday preview of the Circa Million III to keep up with the pick counts, consensus, standings and more.

For more stats on this year's Circa Million, our own Jason Latus sent this along:


Over in the Circa Survivor, we had a huge upset for the first time this season and it took out more than 40% of the field. The Bengals became the first favorite of more than seven points to go down and it took away 871 of the 2,131 entries that entered Week 8.

In all, only 1,188 entries made it to Week 9. Six teams were picked over 100 times this week. The Colts led the way with 287 and they are already a winner in the books. The Bills were second with 249 picks, followed by the Steelers with 151, the Ravens with 126, the Saints with 122 and the Cowboys with 111.

One entry will ride with the Bengals and one with the Patriots. One entry also failed to submit a pick.

We’ll see how it all goes in Week 9. Dave Tuley will have contest updates in his Tuley’s Takes column on Monday and also Tuesday, so keep an eye out for those.

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