Circa Million Week 18 Lines, Picks & Consensus

By Adam Burke  ( 

January 8, 2022 06:55 PM

The biggest week of the contest season has arrived. Week 18 is here and that means that the prize money will be awarded to those that cashed in this year’s events.

There is no need for build up. Everything is at stake this weekend in the Circa Survivor and the Circa Sports Million. Entries will move into or out of the money. The only thing higher than the drama might be the stress levels of those involved. We've already got a couple of winners in the Circa Survivor because of Saturday action. Will there be more on Sunday?

Circa Survivor

We started the contest with 4,080 entries and have crowned two champions thus far. On Top 247 and MyCool both had the Chiefs and survived a sweat in Week 18 to win at least part of the $6 million prize pool. Because both entries had the Chiefs left, they'll also split the additional $1 million offered for picking either Kansas City or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the last selection.

What does it look like to know that you just won at least $1 million? Our own Bill Adee was there and caught the moment when Travis Kelce's first-down catch sealed the game. 

If multiple Survivors win in Week 18, the main prize pool will be split accordingly, but only those that picked the Chiefs or Bucs will split the additional $1 million. Return of Survivor had the Bucs available and will roll with them in Week 18.

Here are the picks for this weekend:

Chris Piper – Washington

MyCool – Chiefs (WIN)

On Top 247 – Chiefs (WIN)

Return of Survivor – Bucs

Syracuse Hawkeyes – Titans

The winner(s) will have gone 20-0, with a pick for each of the 18 weeks, plus Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas Week.

Here are the picks for each entry throughout the season:

MyCool: Bucs, Browns, Broncos, Bengals, Vikings, Colts, Rams, Bills, Steelers, Cowboys, Chargers, Bears, Patriots, Cardinals, Titans, Dolphins, Packers, Eagles, 49ers and Chiefs

It could have been over before it even really got started, as the Buccaneers marched down the field for a last-second field goal in Week 1. The Bengals had that huge Thursday Night Football comeback against the Jaguars in Week 4. The Vikings kicked a last-second 54-yard field goal in Week 5 to down the Lions. A last-second field goal was the difference in Week 9 with the Steelers over the Bears on MNF. The Packers narrowly survived against the Browns on Christmas Day. 

On Top: Panthers, Bucs, Broncos, Bills, Vikings, Steelers, Cardinals, Rams, Colts, Cowboys, Browns, Bears, Patriots, Dolphins, Chargers, 49ers, Packers, Eagles, Saints, Chiefs

That same Vikings game also came into play here and Greg Joseph deserves an Edible Arrangement or something from these two Survivors. The Steelers were a big overtime sweat in Week 6. The Browns had all sorts of trouble in Week 11 with the Lions and also nearly caused an elimination on Christmas Day. The Bears survived on Thanksgiving for both entrants.

It takes a lot of good picks, but certainly some luck as well to go 20-0, but these entries deserve it and congratulations to them.

Circa Million

While we aren’t talking about as much money in the Circa Million for each prize winner, there are a lot more entrants that will win something for their efforts in this handicapping tournament. The top 50 plus ties will cash for the full season. The top three plus ties will cash for the fourth quarter. The entries with the fewest correct picks for the full season and also the fourth quarter will win Booby Prizes.

First place is worth a cool $1 million in the appropriately-named contest. The total amount in full-season prizes is $4 million. Another $271,150 will go the top finishers and the Booby Prize in the fourth quarter. Another $100,000 will go to the Booby Prize winner for the full season. That means that $6 million is up for grabs in the Survivor and just shy of $4.3 million is on the line in the Million. That is some kind of weekend!

Here are the top 10 in the standings going into Week 18:


Here are the consensus results to this point in the season:


There are some entries that will try to fade what they believe to be the consensus this week, given that a two-game swing provides the opportunity to move up. It is more of a high-risk approach, but also one that yields a higher reward if it works out. This is something that those currently outside of the money will look to employ.

As far as the quarter standings, Alma-1 is 19-1 over the last four weeks and holds a one-point lead over The Snake-1. Ajam-1 has 17.5 points and 13 entries are tied with 17 points.

In the race for the full-season Booby Prize, Jiggy Jack has a three-point edge over BobbyRams. The Jiggy Jack entry is just 24-61 on the season. You have to wonder at what point it became about purposely trying to lose.

Here are the results, pick counts and consensus for Week 18:

1 Cowboys 506

2 Eagles* (+ 4.5) 748


3 Chiefs 948 (consensus #3)

4 Broncos* (+ 10) 268


5 Packers 502

6 Lions* (+ 3.5) 538


7 Vikings* 556

8 Bears (+ 5.5) 467


9 Patriots 717

10 Dolphins* (+ 6) 709


11 Colts 383

12 Jaguars* (+ 16) 555


13 Bills* 350

14 Jets (+ 16) 493


15 Bucs* 582

16 Panthers (+ 8) 235


17 Titans 534

18 Texans* (+ 10) 475


19 Washington 507

20 Giants* (+ 7) 280


21 Saints 430

22 Falcons* (+ 4.5) 869 (consensus #4)


23 Ravens* 372

24 Steelers (+ 6) 1151 (consensus #1)


25 Browns* 273

26 Bengals (+ 6.5) 364


27 Cardinals* 411

28 Seahawks (+ 6.5) 551


29 Rams* 619

30 49ers (+ 4) 970 (consensus #2)


31 Chargers 827

32 Raiders* (+ 3) 860 (consensus #5)

The top-five consensus is the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons and Las Vegas Raiders.

We’ll see how it all goes in Week 18. Dave Tuley will have contest updates in his Tuley’s Takes column on Sunday and also Monday, so keep an eye out for those.

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