Circa Million Week 14 Lines, Picks & Consensus

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December 11, 2021 07:10 PM

All of the contestants still participating in the Circa Sports Million III have a big week on their hands. This is the start of the fourth and final quarter, so those that have not won any prize money need to get off to a good start with this week’s round of games. Those in the running for full-season prizes only have 25 picks left to make and every single pick is of great importance.

We’re also down to just 23 surviving entries in the Circa Survivor II and the quest for $6 million has gotten very serious. It should be a fascinating week across the contest landscape. Let’s take a look at how things are set up for Week 14.

Circa Survivor

While it is a huge week in the Circa Million and there are a lot more interested parties in that contest, we’re talking about 23 entrants in a cutthroat push for life-changing money. Week 14 is a really intriguing one because there are several big favorites, including some teams available to the majority of the field, like the Chargers, Seahawks and Titans.

If we have a week filled with upsets, it will create chaos and carnage in the Survivor. If we don’t, a lot of entries will move forward to Week 15.

Official pick counts are in, but it is always interesting to see how many selections each team got relative to availability. Twenty of the remaining 23 entries had the Chargers as an option. All 23 had the TItans and the Seahawks. All 23 also had the Saints at their disposal, though New Orleans was certainly a smaller favorite than other considerations. A total of 10 had the Broncos available.

The Christmas “Week” is an interesting wrinkle this season. The Packers are one of six teams that play on either Christmas Day or the Thursday prior. Eleven entries had Green Bay available going into this week and you notice that they were not the most popular pick because of the need to plan ahead. The other teams in action for the Christmas “Week” are the Browns, Cardinals, 49ers, Titans and Colts. The Titans host the 49ers on Thursday Night Football, so those that had the Titans had an interesting choice to make this week as to whether or not a good chance at a win against the Jaguars was a better option than holding off until Dec. 22.

Here are the pick counts for Week 14:

Broncos 9

Chargers 6

Titans 4

Seahawks 2

Packers 1

Saints 1

Circa Million III

Some prize money was handed at the end of Week 13. With a record of 18-2, Bizman took down the $171,750 first-place prize for the third quarter. The other $75,000 for finishing second and third was split seven ways, coming in at $10,714.29 for each of those entrants. Trading Laces went 2-18 to secure the third quarter “Booby Prize” and a nice $25,000 check for futility.

The last quarter starts this week and runs through the end of the regular season with the same prize amounts. For the vast majority of the field, this will be the last chance to have something to show for the $1,000 investment to enter.

For others, these five weeks are just a continuation of the push to cash for the full season. Hannibal Barca and JJarvis117 are tied for the top spot with 46 points. A 46-19 record at this point of the season is extremely impressive, but is still only good enough for a one-point lead. Hannibal Barca is actually chasing down his or her own entry, as Hannibal Barca-1 is tied for first and Hannibal Barca-2 is tied for third with 45 points.

The winner of the Circa Million gets $1 million. Prizes are for the top 50 plus ties. There are likely to be a lot of split prizes, but every spot in the top seven is worth at least $100,000. Every spot in the top 15 has a designated prize amount and finishers 16th through 50th will chop up $230,000 accordingly. The last-place finisher to make all 90 picks gets the $100,000 “Booby Prize”.


Things seem to have gotten tougher as the season has gone along. For a while, the field only had one losing week. That has changed, as we’ve seen dwindling success collectively across the board and a lot of most popular and second-most popular sides coming up short.


Here are the lines, pick counts and consensus for Week 14 (* denotes home):

1 Vikings* 206

2 Steelers (+ 3) 139


3 Chiefs* 478

4 Raiders (+ 10) 707


5 Saints 775

6 Jets* (+ 5.5) 342


7 49ers 811

8 Bengals* (+ 1.5) 974 (consensus #4)


9 Titans* 760

10 Jaguars (+ 8.5) 346


11 Browns* 865

12 Ravens (+ 3) 973 (consensus #5)


13 Panthers* 531

14 Falcons (+ 2.5) 679


15 Cowboys 913

16 Washington (+ 4.5) 1234 (consensus #1)


17 Seahawks 640

18 Texans* (+ 8.5) 350


19 Broncos* 792

20 Lions (+ 10) 538


21 Chargers* 507

22 Giants (+ 10) 679


23 Bucs* 920

24 Bills (+ 3.5) 1176 (consensus #2)


25 Packers* 586

26 Bears (+ 12.5) 552


27 Cardinals* 1080 (consensus #3)

28 Rams (+ 2.5) 847

The top-five consensus is the Washington Football Team, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.



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