Changed landscape since All-Star break


This year’s MLB trade deadline frenzy has been described as the biggest in modern baseball history, both for the volume of trades made and the magnitude of some of the names involved. It has produced what has become an almost unrecognizable landscape in baseball, making life difficult for bettors who are trying to stay up to speed. One thing is crystal clear, though, bettors who remain invested in the daily MLB grind need to start thinking about the here and now and not about our perceptions before the teams went to the All-Star break.

It’s obvious that teams made definitive strategic decisions at the trade deadline, both for their rest of 2021 as well as the future. Teams like the Cubs and Nationals have packed it in, unloading many of the stars that led those franchises to World Series titles in the last five years. Others like the Giants, Brewers, White Sox and Mets sought to take advantage of a rare opportunity to accomplish something special. And of course there are the Dodgers and Yankees, who each fattened already excessive payrolls by adding studs they hope can help make up for current divisional deficits. 

Many of the moves made in July came as a result of how the teams played both going into and out of the All-Star break. This is always the case. However, for those of you not really analyzing the situation closely and still going about your daily MLB handicapping business in the same way, hopefully the stats below will be a wake-up call for you, as they indicate several situations that should be immediately taken advantage of, as there seems to be little reason to think the momentum will change between now and October. The prices might finally reflect the changing tides, but that doesn’t mean the results will shift.

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