Burke: Super Bowl LVI Betting Tips

By Adam Burke  (VSiN.com) 

February 3, 2022 06:44 PM

These will be 13 long days in advance of Super Bowl LVI. By the time the game kicks off, a lot of people will have Big Game fatigue. For the next 13 days, this game will dominate the airwaves across sports media and every possible angle will be explored on the written and audio sides.

What that also means is that you are going to hear a lot of information and a lot of advice. Some of it will be good and some of it will be bad. You’ll likely change your mind four or five times on the game and also on the prop bets that you want to focus on.

I have five pieces of advice for you as this two-week stretch gets underway.

1. Find sources you can trust

When the Super Bowl rolls around, most networks and outlets have people that know sports, but don't know anything about betting, talking about odds and props. Networks like VSiN have people that know both. The best analysts may point you in the right direction when it comes to game-plans and player props to consider, but bettors know which bets actually have value.

2. Handicap something else

College hoops are in full swing. The NBA and NHL will be on All-Star Breaks soon, but there are still games going on for now. Yes, the Super Bowl is a big deal, but there will be a long lull with no line movement and props will be released gradually. Step away and look at something else. You run the risk of paralysis by overanalysis with the Super Bowl if that’s all you look at from now until Feb. 13.

3. Don’t listen to absolutes

"Joe Burrow can’t beat the Rams defense." 

"Matthew Stafford can’t keep up with Burrow and the Bengals."

"Aaron Donald cannot be stopped by that offensive line."

Hyperbole is a big thing at this time of the year. Every talking head wants to be heard and be the loudest sounding board. The coaching staffs have extended periods of time to figure these things out. They’ll do the best they can. While some things may play out a certain way, you don’t want to have tunnel vision going into the game. Keep an open mind about everything.

4. Plan to have a diversified portfolio

The next few days are good days for deciding how to allocate your wagers and structure your bankroll. Try to get involved in some Super Bowl square pools, which are a crapshoot, but typically a low-risk, high-reward endeavor. Think about how much of your bankroll you want on props as opposed to the spread or total. Have a plan of attack and one that includes a lot of different ways in which you can show a profit.

5. Utilize the VSiN Helpdesk

This is a new tool that we’ll use to help educate our readers and listeners about the Big Game. You can ask our experts a question and we’ll answer them in the lead-up to the game. You don’t have to agree with the answer you get, but crowdsourcing opinions (again, from the right sources) is never a bad thing. You may get a perspective you didn’t think about or something else to consider before locking in your bet. Submit your questions at vsin.com/helpdesk.

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