Burke: Focus on the positive, not the negative

By Adam Burke  (VSiN.com) 

January 3, 2022 10:52 AM

It was a nice NFL day for me from our staff best bets article, with the under in Giants/Bears, Jaguars Team Total Under and the Jets as a wire-to-wire dog cover that even flirted with winning the game outright (no, I did NOT sprinkle the moneyline). However, what has been sticking with me the most is the loss with the Panthers plus the points against the Saints.

The handicap was largely correct, in that it was a low-scoring game and the Panthers defense did well against the Saints offense. It was just that the Panthers offense was much worse than I expected, averaging only three yards per play in the losing effort. The under was the play, not the Panthers. And you’ll run into that a lot when you like a dog in a low-scoring game. You strain to make the decision between one or the other and will sometimes pick the wrong one.

This is something we run into as bettors all the time. We don’t give the winning picks enough credit. We fixate on the losers. Or, the more dangerous angle, we complain about not betting enough on the picks that did win. In their own ways, all of these things can lead to bad, undisciplined decisions moving forward. We become delusional about what we can expect out of ourselves and ignore what we should expect. We bet too much trying to make up for losses or make up for profits left on the board. We bet every lean because a recent lean was an easy winner.

Sometimes, we just have to be happy with what we did accomplish. A day in the black in the NFL is a good day. A day in the black in any sport is a good day.

This is a lesson about betting as much as it is a lesson about life. We want what we don’t have and fail to properly appreciate the things we do have. We win three units, but dwell on how we could have won four, ignoring that (in my case) another Jaguars field goal would have left me drinking the juice and in the red.

So, as we get back to the work week after the New Year’s festivities and all of our resolutions and promises, let’s all try to appreciate a little more, both with our bankrolls and our lives.

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