Burke: Always think about the next opportunity

By Adam Burke  (VSiN.com) 


The way you watch sports as a bettor is completely different from the way you watch sports as a fan. Last night, I had the pleasure and honor of filling in on Prime Time Action with Gill Alexander and Kelley Bydlon. At the tail end of the show, we, like a lot of other people, were watching the thrilling ending of Knicks vs. Nets.

Rather than enjoy the moment, I was concocting a strategy for the next games with those two teams. Admittedly, betting has taken some of the fun out of watching sports, not because I don’t still enjoy the games, but because I can’t get lost in what’s happening right in front of me. Instead of being at the edge of my seat watching the final seconds, I was opening browser tabs left and right to see when the two teams played their next games and what those lines might look like.

Maximizing opportunities in any business is how you can have success. In the wild world of sports betting, you always have to be thinking ahead to find that next EV opportunity. Fortunately, the two teams don’t play again tonight. The Knicks host the Bulls on Thursday and the Nets host the Timberwolves on Friday.

My mind immediately went to fading Tuesday’s spotlight teams, but it will be price-dependent as well. In this crazy, busy world, however, I needed the ability to write a mental note or even scribble an actual one to keep those games in mind when overnight lines come out.

That’s just the way that my mind works in this industry. Gill and I also had an interesting discussion about how our past experiences, education and comfort zones force us to gravitate towards certain sports that fit our styles. As a writer, I’m always thinking several words ahead with what I’m going to say, which is why I’m always thinking ahead with betting opportunities. As a history major, I’ve always been a researcher, so I like the sports that allow me to deep dive into the stats and metrics, rather than trying to be a market watcher in a sport like the NFL, where the line that you get is the most important thing.

If you want to take this business seriously, if you want to give yourself the best chance at winning, maybe you need to critically think about yourself and play to your own personal strengths. Think about what has made you successful in your career or maybe the characteristics and traits that have held you back. See which sports and which styles of handicapping best align with those skills. Similarly, see which sports and styles don’t align with your shortcomings.

I think you’ll find out a lot about yourself as a handicapper and bettor and that just might be the first step on the road to success.

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