Biggest Super Bowl LV bets at U.S. sportsbooks

By Ben Fawkes  (VSiN.com) 


An unprecedented 2020 NFL is set to begin, and with it comes a flow of money to the betting windows. Bettors may have been initially hesitant to invest in NFL futures while it was determined if there would be a season, but now that it's being played, the money has come.

We'll keep track of all the notable big NFL futures bets from across the country in this file.

Big Super Bowl bets

Cleveland Browns: $10,000 at 50-1 odds at BetMGM (Nevada)

Potential payout: $500,000

Cleveland Browns: $10,000 at 35-1 odds at BetMGM (Nevada)

Potential payout: $350,000

Washington Football Team: $999 at 300-1 odds at Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook (Nevada)

Potential payout: $299,700

New Orleans Saints: $22,000 at 11-1 odds at William Hill US (New Jersey)

Potential payout: $242,000

Washington Football Team: $600 at 300-1 odds at Westgate (Nevada)

Potential payout: $180,000

Cincinnati Bengals: $1,500 at 100-1 odds at BetMGM (Indiana)

Potential payout: $150,000

Kansas City Chiefs: $25,000 at 5-1 odds at Westgate (Nevada)

Potential payout: $125,000


Cincinnati Bengals: $5,000 at 250-1 odds on Bengals to be the AFC's No. 1 seed at BetMGM (Nevada)

Potential payout: $1.25 million

Chase Young: $55,000 at 250 odds to win NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year at FanDuel (New Jersey)

Potential payout: $137,500


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