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The free parlay calculator allows you to create a bet that combines multiple games and provides the projected payout. The more games, the higher the risk but the greater the payout. In order for the parlay to win, each game must win or push (tie). If any of the games lose, the entire wager loses.


Enter the total wager amount into the parlay calculator with  the money line for each game to calculate the potential return. The total return includes the initial wager amount.

Your Wager $100
New York -150
Chicago +170
Los Angeles -120
Return $725


Total Wager


Parlay bets are one of the most popular options in public sports betting. 

The free parlay calculator is the perfect tool for you to determine the value of your parlay bet on every sport. 

When you are considering a parlay bet, the parlay calculator shows you the amount of the potential payout determined by the number of bets and the value of each bet.  The more bets you include and the bigger the underdogs, creates a bigger potential payout, but decreases your odds and increases your risk.

The VSiN free parlay calculator allows you to input each of your bets for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, tennis, soccer, and other sports to instantly determine the value of your potential winnings.

How do parlay payouts work. 

Parlay bets are very popular, especially with novice bettors, as they have the potential for high payouts on a low bet amount since you get higher payoffs than if you were to bet them individually as your bet accumulates like compound interest.  The reason they have high-payouts is because these wagers lower your odds of winning. 

Parlay bets must include at least 2 bets and all the “legs” of the parlay must win in order to cash. If any leg of the bet loses, you lose your original stake. If one pushes, the parlay gets reduced to the next lower number, so a 5 team parlay would become a 4 team parlay, a 4 team parlay becomes a 3 team parlay, a 3-team parlay becomes a 2-team parlay and a 2-team parlay gets converted to a straight bet.

The more bets you include, and the longer the odds on each bet, the more potential payout...and the lower your chances to cash in.  Use the parlay calculator above to see the parlay payout work for the bets you are considering, and remember that the sportbook has a much bigger advantage when you place a parlay bet.

How to calculate a parlay. 

The best way to calculate the payout on your parlay bet is to use the free parlay calculator above or enter your bets into the sportsbook app where you plan to place your bets and enter your game selections.  The payout amount of a parlay can grow exponentially especially when large underdogs are included in the wager.  When placing a parlay bet make sure to shop around and calculate the parlay with multiple sportsbooks as the odds and payout can vary greatly.

See the parlay payout chart below to see how much a 2 team parlay pays versus what a 5 team parlay pays (typical of what you’ll see at most sportsbooks, so let the bettor beware if your book isn’t offering odds as least as good as these). The books also make money in the long run on parlays because they never pay close to the true odds. A two-team parlay (assuming all bets being 50/50 propositions) has 4 possible outcomes (Win-Win, Win-Lose, Lose-Win, Lose-Lose), so you should hit 1 out of every 4 times or odds of 3-1 against you, yet the standard payoff for a 2 team parlay is 13-5 (2.6-1). That’s a bargain compared to the much-lower odds we see the further we go down the chart. 



Odds Paid

True Odds

2 team parlay



3 team parlay



4 team parlay



5 team parlay



6 team parlay



7 team parlay



8 team parlay



9 team parlay



10 team parlay





Should you bet parlays or not? 

Ask two gamblers and you’re likely to get two different responses:

The anti-parlay gambler will say something like: “Parlays are sucker bets.” Or “The sportsbooks don’t offer you true odds on any parlay.” Or “Losing parlay bettors built all those casinos in Vegas.”

The pro-parlay gambler will say something like: “You can bet a little to win a lot.” Or “If you’re on a hot streak, parlays maximize your profits.”

Of course, there’s truth on both sides.

Yes, sportsbooks usually do very well against most parlay bettors since most gamblers are going to end up being around 50% overall, so even a 2 team parlay is a losing proposition if you go 1-1. And it’s hard enough to win one game, let alone multiple games, so the books love to book all the parlays they can.

On the pro-parlay side, the payoffs are appealing, and you have a better chance of having a big score than you do by playing PowerBall or MegaMillions. And, as mentioned above, if you’re hitting a higher than normal percentage of your straight bets (at least 55% consistently), you could show bigger profits with parlays. The best approach is to bet parlays when your onto a trend or system that the oddsmakers haven’t adjusted enough for, so you’re getting an edge on individual bets and compounding that with parlays. An example was in 2019 when many VSiN followers were betting NHL 1st Period Overs and parlaying them.

Try the parlay calculator above to prepare for your bets this weekend and good luck!

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