Betsgiving 2.0: New rules, same bragging rights

Betsgiving, VSiN’s holiday betting competition, will return after a successful inaugural event last November pitting VSiN hosts and writers for betting bragging rights and the championship belt (assuming we can find it).

VSiN fans can witness VSiN talent duke it out through a DraftKings Social betting group for seven days, starting Wednesday, Nov. 22. Go to the DK Sportsbook app, select Social in the navigation, then Betting Groups where you’ll be able to join our Betsgiving group to follow the action. OR CLICK HERE.

 (Use this link if you haven't signed up for the DraftKings Sportsbook app.)

The rules are simple.

>Contestants can bet on whatever they want whenever they want —  any wager they can find in the DraftKings Sportsbook app. They will start out with $1000 in fake DK dollars in the app.

>Contestants have to make at least 7 bets and risk at least half of the allotted bankroll throughout the time period. Whoever has the most money by the end of the 7-day competition is the winner.

>Everyone will compete as individuals, not show units like last year.

Here are the contestants, including last year’s winner Matt Youmans.

Mitch Moss
Paul Howard
Gill Alexander
Kelley Bydlon
Stormy Buonantony
Femi Abebefe
Michael Lombardi
Patrick Meagher
Amal Shah
Dustin Swedelson
Tim Murray
Wes Reynolds
Mathew Youmans
Greg Peterson
Sean Green
Ryan Kramer
Jonathan Von Tobel
Pam Maldonado
Ben Wilson
Mike Palm
Matt Brown
Mike Somich
Dave Ross
Adam Kaufman
Adam Burke
Brent Musburger
Steve Makinen
Zach Cohen
Jonny Lazerus
Tyler Shoemaker
Dave Tuley
Josh Applebaum
Mike Pritchard