Andrews: Inside the betting action for NFL Week 9 games

November 5, 2022 02:33 AM

After this week's game conclude, we'll be into the second half of the NFL season. I mentioned a few weeks back to begin keeping an eye on the weather. It is coming to fruition now and ought to continue in the last half of the season. We have a couple-three games expecting some windy conditions this Sunday. A couple of games this week once again where I am doing that dance between 2.5 and 3 and also the dance between 3 and 3.5. Remember, we never move the money line (juice) on an NFL side, so when you have key numbers like this, we are usually the best price in town at South Point.

Here are the games presented in official Nevada rotation order.

Colts at Patriots (-6, 40.5)

I've kind of been all over the place in this one with some injuries. We opened the Patriots -6. They took the 6 and we went right to 5. That's where the market was and I kind of liked the Colts early in the week. Now it looks like Colts running back Jonathan Taylor is out, so we went back to 6. We had some action at -5,  but mostly on the news. The public is on the Patriots. We opened the total 39.5. They bet me Over 39.5 and Over 40 and we went to 41. They bet me Under 41 and now I'm at 40.5.

Bills (-12, 46) at Jets

We opened the Bills -13. Wiseguys took the 13, took the 12.5, and we're now at 12. The public is on the Bills. I do see it even lower than 12. A lot of 11.5's in the market but I've got enough money on the Bills, so I am not hurrying to move without a bet. We opened the total 47.5. I got a little bit Under 47.5 and a little bit Under 47 but I went to 46, a lot of which is on weather information. This is one of those games that is supposed to be windy.

Dolphins (-4.5, 45.5) at Bears

We opened 4.5 and the first bet came in at -4.5, so we went to 5. They took the 5 and we're back to 4.5. It is supposed to be windy here too but they are betting me Over. I opened 44. The first bet came in Over and I went to 45. They bet me Under 45 and Under 44.5. I'm all over the place on this one. Then they bet me back Over 44, so now I'm at 45.5 with a lot of money on the Over. I skipped over some numbers on that last move to stay with the market and I am high on the Over.

Vikings (-3, 43.5) at Commanders

I opened Vikings -3.5 then they took the 3.5, sharp money. I am 3 and they're laying it back. This is one of those 3/3.5 deals. I'm pretty high on Commanders money so I haven't gone back to 3.5 yet. The public is on the Vikings. We opened the total 43.5 and haven't budged.

Packers (-3.5, 49.5) at Lions

We opened 3.5 and the first bet came in from sharp guys at +3.5. We went down to 3 and the combination of sharp and public money pushed me back up to 3.5. We opened this total 49, they bet me Over and I'm at 49.5.

Chargers (-3, 49.5) at Falcons

We opened Chargers -3 and our first bet came in at -3. We went to 3.5 and they took the 3.5, so I'm back to 3 with really even money both ways but the wise guys are laying 3 and taking 3.5. We've had a ton of business on the money line in this game too. I took a big bet at -160 on the Chargers, same guy who laid me the -3 initially. They took back +155 and +150 and now I'm at Chargers -165. Ticket count, money line, everything, we're really about dead even on this game. I opened the total at 48.5, they bet me Over and I'm at 49.5.

Panthers at Bengals (-7.5, 42.5)

This one opened 8.5 before the Monday Night game and we didn't do much business, so we reopened it on Tuesday at Bengals -7.5. Sharp guys took the 7.5 and we went to 7. Then we got sharp play laying the 7. We're the only 7 flat in the local market, so they're laying the 7 and we're back to 7.5. We opened the total 43.5 before the Monday Night game and reopened it 42.5 and haven't done much business.

Raiders (-2, 48) at Jaguars

We opened the Raiders -1. It's mostly public action, they laid me the 1, laid me the 1.5, and we're up to 2. No real wise guy play. The public is on the money line as well. They laid me -120 and -125 and I'm up to -130 on the money line. A lot of business on the total. We opened 46.5. First bet was Under 46.5, so I went to 46. They bet me Over 46 and Over 47, so now I'm at 48.

Seahawks at Cardinals (-1.5, 49)

This one, we opened 1.5 and the first bet came in at +1.5, we went to 1. Sharp money laid it back, so we're back to Cardinals -1.5 and writing pretty good two-way business at 1.5. We opened the total 49.5, first bet came in Over. We went to 50.5. They went Under 50.5 and Under 50, so we're at 49.

Rams at Buccaneers (-3, 42.5)

We opened it 3. First bet came in at +3, sharp money. We were the only 3 flat around so they took it and then we were the only 2.5 flat around, so they laid it back. I'm back to 3 on the game with pretty even action both ways. Sharp money, depending on what you want - they either took +3 (-110) or laid -2.5 (-110) and again, we were the only store around at those prices. We opened the total 42.5 and I am getting some Under play but I haven't moved it yet.

Titans at Chiefs (-12.5, 45.5)

We opened 11. They laid me the 11 and I went to 12. At 12, I'm writing pretty even business but I went to 12.5 as that seems to be where it's headed. It's the Sunday Night game which always gets pretty heavy on the chalk and the quarterback situation for Tennessee is probably worth a couple of points. So rather than get caught, I wanted to get ahead of it. We opened the total 46.5, they bet me Under and now I'm at 45.5.

Ravens (-2.5, 47.5) at Saints

We opened the Ravens -3. They took the 3, we went to 2.5, they laid back the 2.5, and I went back to 3. Then they took it again, so I'm at 2.5 on the game and definitely a little high on the Saints. We opened the total 48.5, they bet me Under and we are at 47.5.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for over 40 years.

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