Andrews: Inside the betting action for NFL Week 6 games


As the 2022 NFL season develops, here we are in Week 6 with two absolutely premier matchups in the Bills-Chiefs and Cowboys-Eagles.

It's hard to say Bills-Chiefs is not going to determine home-field advantage in the AFC Playoffs. And Cowboys-Eagles, of course, will go a long way in determining the NFC East. After Monday night's game in Los Angeles, we will be one-third of the way through an 18-week regular season.

Here are this week's games presented in official Nevada rotation order.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-9.5, 46) at Pittsburgh Steelers

We opened the game 8.5, they laid me 8.5, they laid me 9, and we're at 9.5. They're still laying that. I think there's a chance we get to 10, but that is probably when the wise guys will jump in and take it. The Steelers are one of my lowest-rated teams in the league and it's been a long time since that has been the case. Quite a bit of action on the total. We opened 43.5. They bet me Over 43.5, Over 44, Over 44.5, Over 45, and I went to 46. I did take a pretty big bet Under 45, though, so I'm not in too bad of a position here.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5, 43.5) at New Orleans Saints

We opened it 2 when it was really 1 everywhere else. I like the Bengals. I just thought 1 was a cheap number. They did lay me the 2 and I also took some pretty decent action at + 2, but I never moved it. Word came out that Andy Dalton was going to start at quarterback for the Saints. I personally don't think there's much difference between him and Jameis Winston. It went to 2.5 in the market and I followed but I have a good feeling we're going to get to 3 in this game. We opened 44, took some small Under money and went to 43.5. I see 43 out there, but I'm going to wait to take a bet before I move it.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (-2.5, 42)

We opened the Colts -2. They laid me the 2 and I went to 2.5. I'm now starting to get play both ways at the 2.5, but I'm a little heavier on the Jaguars. Definitely sharp action on the Colts -2, but primarily recreational play at 2.5. We opened the total 42 and haven't moved it.

New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns (-2.5, 43)

We opened 3 and they took it. Definitely wise guys took the 3. Now we're at 2.5 and some sharp money is showing up -2.5 but I haven't moved it back to 3 yet. We're starting to get pretty even on the game. We opened the total 42.5, they bet me Over and I'm at 43.

New York Jets at Green Bay Packers (-7.5, 45)

We opened this game 7 and they laid the 7 for a pretty big number. We're now at 7.5 and they're starting to take back the 7.5, but not nearly enough yet to move me back to 7. Mixed action at 7.5 but mostly public. We opened the total 46.5, they bet me Under and I went to 45.5. They bet me Under that and I'm at 45. I am starting to get a little play back on the Over but I'm still at 45.

Baltimore Ravens (-6, 45) at New York Giants

We opened this game 5.5. They took it and I went to 5. Then they laid me the 5 and the 5.5 and now we're at 6. We're starting to get some take-back on the 6 but not enough to move it yet. I don't want to say this isn't sharp money taking back the 6. It's not big money but educated players are taking a good number. We opened the total 44 and they bet me Over 44, Over 44.5, and I'm now at 45.


Minnesota Vikings (-3, 45.5) at Miami Dolphins

We opened 3, they laid me the 3, and we went to 3.5. They took back the 3.5 and we are now at 3 once again, but we're a little bit heavy on Vikings money. I am staying at 3 for now because I like to try to hold the whole number whenever I can. We opened the total 45.5. Little play on the Under but nothing enough to move it yet.

San Francisco 49ers (-5, 44.5) at Atlanta Falcons

We opened 6. They took the 6, they took the 5.5. I'm starting to get money back on the Niners but the sharp money is definitely on the dog here. We opened the total 43. They bet me Over 43 and Over 43.5. I went to 44.5 and I'm starting to get some Under play at 44.5.

Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams (-10, 41.5)

We opened this 10, they laid me the 10 and we went to 10.5. They took back 10.5, so I'm back to my opening number of 10. I'm a little high on the dog, some sharp money on Carolina at the + 10.5. The Panthers are at the bottom of my ratings in the league. We opened the total 41.5. They bet me Under 41.5, I went to 40.5, they bet me Over, and I'm right back where I started at 41.5.

Arizona Cardinals (-2.5, 50.5) at Seattle Seahawks

We opened this game 3 and they took the + 3 for a very large bet, which I kind of understand. So we're at 2.5 and we're getting back quite a bit of action at the 2.5 but nothing worth moving yet. We opened the total 51.5, they bet me Under and I'm at 50.5.


Buffalo Bills (-2.5, 54) at Kansas City Chiefs

We opened Bills -2. They laid me the 2, laid me the 2.5, and I went to 3. They took the 3, so I'm back to 2.5 and we're getting plenty of money minus the 2.5 on the Bills. We may get back to 3 because there is a lot of Bills money at -2.5. Total opened 53.5. They bet me Over 53.5, bet me Over 54 and I went to 55. They bet me Under 55 and Under 54.5, and I'm at 54. Lotta movement on this total. Excellent action. This game, the Cowboys-Eagles, 49ers-Falcons and Ravens-Giants are the biggest action games right now.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5, 42)

This is a good one. We opened the Eagles 5 and they laid me the 5. I went to 6 and then the word came out that Dak Prescott is not going to play, so they laid me the 6 and they're still laying the 6.5. But I felt all along that we knew Cooper Rush was going to play and not Dak. It is definitely sharp play – and public play too – but they're feeling they have to react to the news when, like I say, I thought we already knew this. Not much on the total here. I opened 42.5, they bet me Under and I'm at 42.

Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers (-4.5, 45.5)

Lotta action on this one, too. We opened 6, they took the 6, I went to 5 and they took the 5. Now I'm at 4.5 and have very little back on the Chargers. So it's all Broncos money and it's definitely sharp money. We opened the total 46 and I'm down to 45.5.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for 40 years.


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