Andrews: Inside the betting action for college football's biggest Week 9 games

October 28, 2022 01:51 AM

It's a good-looking card for Week 9 in college football and we've got a lot of games that are seeing a good deal of action.

I feel it will be a very exciting weekend but, oddly enough, we have very little to no action on the totals, so I won't be reporting on those in every case. Maybe we will see some movement closer to game time as weather forecasts develop. And that is something to be aware of.

Late October and into November, you will need to start paying attention to weather and be careful before you place a wager. Rain is not as much of a factor as it once was when these fields got muddy and sloppy but wind remains a factor, for sure, especially for passing teams – so, this time of year, keep an eye on the weather.

As always, we run down the games in official Nevada rotation order.

No. 17 Illinois (-7, 50.5) at Nebraska

We opened the game 7. We went up to 7.5 and back to 7. Sharp money on the + 7.5 and a little bit of sharp money at the beginning of the week at -7.

Missouri at No. 25 South Carolina (-4, 45.5)

We opened the game 5.5. They took it. They took the 5 and we went to 4.5 and now we are down to 4. We're starting to get a little money back at -4. The total went from 46.5 down to 45.5.

No. 19 Kentucky at No. 3 Tennessee (-12, 61)

Lotta action here. We opened Tennessee -13. They took the 13, took the 12.5 and we're down to 12 on the game. They are starting to take back the -12, but the sharp money is on Kentucky and the public is on Tennessee. We do have some total action here. We opened 63.5. They bet me Under and I went to 62.5. They bet me Under that and I went all the way to 61 just to stay in line with the market. Sharp money definitely on the Under.

No. 2 Ohio State (-15.5, 61) at No. 13 Penn State

We opened this 15.5 and haven't moved it. Good two-way action, but it is public money. Little bit on Ohio State but more on Penn State.

No. 10 Wake Forest (-3.5, 64) at Louisville

This is an interesting one here. We opened the game 5.5. I took a bet and went to 5, they bet me again and I went to 4.5, got bet again and went to 4. They took it again and this time I went all the way to 3. But now they laid back the 3 and I'm at 3.5. Wise guys are on both sides depending on the number. They're laying the 3 but anything from 4 and above, they're taking. Great action on the side and good on the total, too. We opened it 62, they bet me Over and I went to 63, they bet me Over again and I went to 64.

Notre Dame at No. 16 Syracuse (-2.5, 48)

We opened Syracuse -3 and they took it. We're at 2.5 now and this seems to be the number. Writing a decent amount of two-way business at 2.5, but nobody is pushing me back to 3 yet.


Michigan State at No. 4 Michigan (-22.5, 55)

We opened 22 and they laid it to me. I'm up to 22.5, but we have some pretty big money both ways. Michigan really hasn't had a big test yet other than Penn State. They've played six of eight games at home. I'm not so sure they are as good as advertised but we'll see. We opened the total 54.5 and got bet Over, we're up to 55.

Pittsburgh at No. 21 North Carolina (-3, 65)

We opened 3.5, sharp money came in on the dog, and we're down to 3.

No. 9 Oklahoma State at No. 22 Kansas State (-1.5, 56)

This is a good one. We opened Kansas State -2, they took it and we're down to 1.5.

Baylor at Texas Tech (-2.5, 62.5)

Another good one here. We opened the game 3 and they took it, but they're laying the 2.5, so the wise guys are on both sides of this one, depending on the number.

No. 15 Ole Miss (-2, 55) at Texas A&M

We opened Mississippi -2.5, they took it and we're now at 2, but it looks like all the money in the market is on A&M, even at + 2, but I haven't moved down yet.

Florida vs. No. 1 Georgia (-22.5, 56.5) in Jacksonville, FL

We opened this 22 and took a pretty decent-sized bet at minus the 22, so we're at 22.5 right now.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for over 40 years.


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