Andrews: Inside the betting action for college football's biggest Week 6 games

October 8, 2022 04:59 AM

Week 6 of college football — about the halfway point of the season — is upon us. There are some very intriguing matchups and others that are name-worthy but getting very little action. 

Oregon State at Stanford is the late game on Saturday night and I'm sure I’ll get some business but hardly anything yet. Wisconsin fired its coach and that often produces action but nothing much that I’ve taken with either the Badgers or their opponent, Northwestern.

Here are 11 games in which we are seeing movement, presented in official Nevada rotation order.

Purdue at Maryland (-3, 59)

Good action on this game. I opened it 3.5. They took the 3.5 and the 3. I went to 2 on that second hit and they laid me back the 2 and the 2.5, so I'm back to 3. Nothing too much on the total. I opened 58.5, they bet me Over and I'm at 59.

North Carolina at Miami (-3.5, 66)

We opened Miami -4. They took the 4 and I only moved it a half point, so we are at 3.5 but I do see 4s still out there. I haven't had enough real action to get me back up to 4. Just really that one pop initially on the + 4. No action on this total.

South Carolina at No. 13 Kentucky (-6.5, 46.5)

We opened Kentucky -10.5. They took the 10.5, they took the 10. Now, all of a sudden, we get word that there is an injury issue with Kentucky quarterback Will Levis. We went to 8 and they took the 8, they took the 7.5. Then it looks like Levis is going to be out, so we went all the way to 5.5. He's now listed as questionable, so they laid me the 5.5, laid me the 6, and we're at 6.5. I have a ton of business both ways and I’m just hoping it doesn't fall on any kind of number. We're exposed to a lot of numbers here.  

Florida State at No. 14 NC State (-3, 50.5)

Really good action on this game too. We opened NC State -3.5 and they took it for a pretty big number. I went to 3 and they are laying back the 3 but it was a pretty nice whack at 3.5, so not enough yet to go back to 3.5 but I have a feeling we will get there. The ticket count is about 5-to-1 on NC State but so far the wise guys have been on the dog. Nothing on this total.

No. 17 TCU (-6.5, 69) at No. 19 Kansas 

Two very public teams. Good action on this game. We opened the game 7, took a pretty good hit plus the 7 and we're at 6.5. We're writing good, even business at 6.5 but a little more money on the favorite, so I have a feeling we are going to get back to 7 at some point. This total has moved. We opened 70 and they bet me Under 70 and Under 69. Then they bet me Over 68.5, so I'm back to 69.

No. 11 Utah (-3.5, 64.5) at UCLA

We opened Utah -4.5. They took 4.5, I went to 4, and they took the 4, so I went to 3.5. They are laying back the 3.5 pretty good but not quite enough to move it yet. This is going to be a big game for us, lotta action. It looks like a little bit more of the public on Utah and the sharps on the dog but a pretty even split. No action on the total.

No. 8 Tennessee (-3, 65)  at No. 25 LSU

Another good game. I opened Tennessee -2.5. They laid me the 2.5 and I went to 3. They're taking back the + 3 pretty strong. It's hard to say which side the sharps are on. Maybe a little bit on LSU but that first bet was definitely a wise guy, laying the 2.5. I'm seeing some places have gone to 2, so maybe there will be some more sharp money that is going to come in on LSU. I'm also getting moneyline action. They laid the -150 and I went to -155. They laid me that and I went to -160. They took back + 140 on LSU, a guy I respect, so right now I'm at -155/+ 135 on the moneyline. No action on the total but this is one of the biggest money games of the day.

Texas (-9, 65.5) at Oklahoma

OK, this is a crazy one. We opened Texas -6.5. They laid me the 6.5, they laid me the 7, and when they laid me the 7, I saw this number going crazy, so we went to Texas -9. All favorite money so far. Nothing much of anything on the dog. I always kid that I seem to overrate Oklahoma in the preseason every year and, boy, was this one of them. I'm embarrassed to say that I opened Oklahoma -7 in our games of the year over the summer … so that's a helluva swing right there. No action on the total.

Texas A&M at No. 1 Alabama (-24, 51)

I opened this -24 and so far it's been all Alabama. I have not moved it yet, not enough to move me, but it has been all Alabama. It's a solid 24 everywhere I see. I opened the total 51.5 and we went down to 51 on one sharp bet that I took on the Under.

Arkansas at No. 23 Mississippi State (-9, 58.5)

We opened the game -8 and the first bet came in plus the 8. I went to 7.5 and they laid the 7.5, they laid me the 8, and now I'm at 8.5. I see a lot of 9s out there, even a 9.5. I took a strong bet at + 8, so our position is pretty good but the number is probably going to go up. In fact, I'm going to move it to 9 right now.

No. 16 BYU at Notre Dame (-3.5, 51) in Las Vegas

Ton of business on this game. I opened Notre Dame -4.5. They took 4.5 and they took the 4, pretty nice-sized bets on BYU on both, so now I'm at 3.5. The public is still taking BYU but some sharp money is starting to show up on Notre Dame -3.5.

Chris Andrews is the sportsbook director at the South Point in Las Vegas, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for 40 years.

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