Andrews: Inside the betting action for college football's biggest Week 4 games

September 24, 2022 08:20 AM

It’s Week 4 of the college football season, which means we’re getting much heavier into conference play. That always makes things interesting and signals that the race for the College Football Playoff is on. Buckle up.

As always, the games are presented in official Nevada rotation order.

No. 17 Baylor (-2.5, 45.5) at Iowa State

We opened 2.5. They laid it and we went to 3. They took back the 3 and we are back to 2.5.

Notre Dame at North Carolina (-1.5, 55.5)

We opened the game pick’em. They bet me Carolina pick and then they laid me the 1 and I went pretty quickly to 1.5. It looks to me like sharp money is definitely on the favorite in this one. The public is on the underdog, Notre Dame.

Maryland at No. 4 Michigan (-17, 64.5)

We opened Michigan 16. They laid us the 16, they laid us the 16.5. We're at 17 and still taking Michigan money. No support yet for Maryland. I think we might have to go to 17.5 before we get some underdog money back from some of the sharper guys. I do think we'll probably end up there before kickoff.

Minnesota (-3, 51) at Michigan State

This is a real-good action game. We opened Minnesota -2.5 and got bet up to 3. Definitely some sharp money at 2.5, but now at 3 we are taking back money on Michigan State. It looks like the smarter money is on Minnesota.

No. 5 Clemson (-7, 55.5) at No. 21 Wake Forest

This is a good game too. We opened Clemson -6.5 and they laid it right away. I mean, the paint wasn’t even dry on the board yet. We went to 7 and they laid a lotta 7, right away again. At that time, there were 7.5s going up around town but I kind of like Wake Forest in this game, so I didn't move it. Now the market has settled back in at 7 almost everywhere.

No. 20 Florida at No. 11 Tennessee (-11, 62)

We opened Tennessee -11.5. They took it. We're at 11 and they're even taking the 11 off me. I see a lot of 10.5s but we're still at 11. I have a feeling we are going down on this one because both sharp and public money is on the dog.

Indiana at Cincinnati (-16.5, 57)

We definitely have had some action on this game. We opened -18 on Cincinnati. They took the 18 and I went to 17, they took the 17 and now I'm at 16.5. So definitely some movement and sharp money on the dog.

Duke at Kansas (-7, 65.5)

We opened Kansas -9.5. They took the 9.5 and I went to 8.5. They took the 8.5 and  took the 8. Then they took 7.5. The wise guys have climbed all the way down the ladder with me and now we are at 7. That seems to be the number.

No. 13 Utah (-15.5, 54) at Arizona State

You have to wonder if Arizona State will rally the troops after the firing of Herm Edwards. The money on this game is definitely on Utah. We opened Utah at -15 and we're up to Utah -15.5. Right now it is nothing but Utah money, both public and sharp. Nothing at all on Arizona State.

No. 7 USC (-6, 70) at Oregon State

This game has been very active. We opened USC -6. They laid me the 6 and we went to 6.5. They took the 6.5 and I'm back to 6. I see it going even lower. The public is heavily on USC and the sharp money is heavily on Oregon State.

No. 15 Oregon (-6.5, 57.5) at Washington State

We opened the game 6. They laid me the 6 and they're even laying me the 6.5. I do see some 7s popping up but I'm not there yet. I'm going to wait to take a little more action but I have a feeling we'll get there before kickoff.

Stanford at No. 18 Washington (-14, 63.5)

We opened the game 13. They laid me the 13, they laid me the 13.5. I'm at 14 although I'm still seeing a lot of 13.5s out there. I'm starting to get some money back on the dog here + 14. So I think this is going to be another one where the public tends to overpower the big favorite because it's a late game. I think 14 is a good number and that might attract some wise-guy action.

Kansas State at No 6 Oklahoma (-12, 53)

We have no movement on this game but definitely a lot of action. The public is definitely on Oklahoma at -12. I do see some 12.5s and even 13 but I'm holding at 12. Strictly public money at this point. If I get bet, I will move it up but I haven't had any sharp action on either side.

TCU (-2, 70.5) at SMU

This is another good one. We opened this game at pick’em. They bet me TCU at pick. I went to 1, they laid me the 1 on TCU and I went straight to 2. I skipped the 1.5. That seems to be where the market is right now. Definitely sharp money on TCU.

No. 22 Texas (-7, 61) at Texas Tech

We opened 5.5. They laid me 5.5, they laid me 6. I went to 6.5. I only took a little bit at 6.5 but I wound up going to 7. It’s 7 pretty much everywhere. I still see the occasional 6.5 but pretty much a blanket 7 on Texas.

No. 10 Arkansas at No. 23 Texas A&M (-1.5, 50)

This is another good game. We opened A&M -2. They took the 2 off me. I went to 1.5 and they're laying it back. I'm not ready to go back to 2 yet. It's probably going to be one of those games where they are jockeying between numbers, 1.5. and 2, which aren't the most dangerous numbers.

Florida International at Western Kentucky (-31, 65.5)

We have had action on this game but we have not moved the number in a while. We opened 30 on Western Kentucky. We took a little bit of action at 30 and I kind of like the favorite in this one, so I moved it quickly, from 30 to 31.

UNLV (-3, 63) at Utah State

Last but not least, I want to mention the UNLV game. They are a road favorite and I can't remember exactly, but I don't think they've been a road favorite since Randall Cunningham was here. We opened UNLV -2.5 and we are up to 3 with action — but I think it’s worth noting that here they are, a road favorite in the first time in forever.

Chris Andrews is the sportsbook director at the South Point in Las Vegas and has been a Nevada bookmaker for 40 years.

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