Andrews: Inside the betting action for college football Week 7 games


This is a really good-looking card in college football this week and we certainly have a few high-profile matchups that are seeing a ton of action. A lot of the riff-raff, non-conference, cupcake stuff is behind us and we're getting into the teeth of conference play. It's been a long time since we've had this many matchups between unbeaten teams too – this late into the season. Alabama at Tennessee, Penn State at Michigan, and Oklahoma State at TCU, all of which ought to be fantastic.

As always, we present the games in official Nevada rotation order.

No. 3 Alabama (-7, 65.5) at No. 6 Tennessee

We opened Alabama -7.5 and they took it. Now at -7, they are laying it back on Alabama but not that much. I have a feeling we are going to go into this game needing Alabama, although we do have some big play on the money line on Alabama. This is one where we either need a Tennessee outright win or 'Bama to blow 'em out. Nothing on the total here. We opened 65.5 and haven't moved it.

Miami (-7.5, 47) at Virginia Tech

This is a good one. We opened the game 8, they took the 8, and I went to 7. They laid back the 7 and we are now at 7.5. Now nobody is touching it either way at 7.5. We opened the total 46.5, they bet me Over and I'm at 47.

No. 10 Penn State at No. 5 Michigan (-7, 50.5)

Great action game. We opened it 7 and we haven't moved it at all, but great two-way action in this game. Primarily public action so far. We really haven't had any sharp play on either side. We opened the total 51.5, they bet me Under and I'm at 50.5.

No. 16 Mississippi State (-4, 49) at No. 22 Kentucky

This is a weird one. We opened the game 7. We thought the Kentucky QB Will Levis was going to be out and we had pretty decent two-way action at the 7. All of a sudden we hear that Levis is in, so I dropped to 4 on the news and they're even taking the 4 off of me now. Pretty decent two-way action, but they are taking Kentucky and I have a feeling I will get to 3.5 in this game.

North Carolina (-7, 67) at Duke

They're betting this one like it's basketball. Ton of business. I opened it 6.5. Sharp money laid the 6.5 and then more sharp money took the 7. I've been kind of back and forth, but we are at 7 right now. Good sharp action both ways, minus-6.5 and plus-7. No movement on the total.

LSU at Florida (-2.5, 51)

Here's another one where we are getting very good action on it but we haven't moved it. Nothing really from the wise guys either way. Underdog bettors are looking for the 3 and the favorite players haven't spoken. I think 2.5 is probably a pretty good number. Nothing on the total.


No. 15 NC State at No. 18 Syracuse (-3, 42)

Syracuse is a pretty good team – and they're playing another pretty good team in NC State. I have a ton of business on this game. I opened Syracuse -3.5, they took the 3.5, and so we're at 3 right now. They are laying back the 3, but I've had great play on the money line. I got hit with Syracuse at -165 and I went to -175 and then one of my really sharp guys took the + 155, so now I am at -160/+ 140. Really terrific play all the way around – except for the total. We opened 42 and haven't gone anywhere.

Nebraska at Purdue (-13.5, 56.5)

We continue to get quite a bit of action on Nebraska games and we've been all over the place on this one. We opened Purdue -14. They took 14 and I went to 13.5. They laid back the 13.5, so I went back to 14 and they took it again. So I'm back to 13.5 but great two-way action between the two numbers. If they like Purdue, they're laying the -13.5. If they like Nebraska, they're taking the 14 and I would call it pretty sharp money both ways. We opened the total 58.5. They bet me Under 58.5, they bet me Under 57.5. I'm at 56.5 and they're still betting me Under, so I'm probably going to end up going lower on this one.

No. 4 Clemson (-3.5, 51) at Florida State

We opened the game 4, they took it and I went to 3.5. They're laying it back but not as much. I'll probably wind up back at 4 eventually. The first hit was sharp money but mostly public action laying the 3.5. I opened the total 51 and haven't moved it.

Arkansas (-1, 66) at BYU

We opened Arkansas a 2 point favorite. They took the 2. They took the 1.5. We are now at Arkansas -1. I see a lot of pick-’ems out there, but I'm not going to move it further until I get a bet. We opened the total 66 and haven't budged.

No. 7 USC at No. 20 Utah (-3.5, 65)

Great two-way action game again. Opened 3.5 and haven't moved it, but I've got a lotta play both ways. Nothing really as far as any wise guy action and the total is the same thing. We opened 65, are getting good business both ways but haven't moved it either.


No. 19 Kansas at Oklahoma (-8.5, 62.5)

This is a weird one, too. We opened the game 7 and then we heard that Kansas QB Jalon Daniels is out for the season – and he's been really really good. We went to 9 on the news. They took the 9 and we're at 8.5. The kid that is the backup quarterback, Jason Bean, is not terrible. He is definitely not as good as Daniels, but he's not bad, so I kind of think the number is a little high and we'll end up going to 8 on this game. I still have some Kansas money at 8.5 and I don't have to tell anyone how bad Oklahoma looked last week.

No. 8 Oklahoma State at No. 13 TCU (-4, 68.5)

This is a great game. No real movement, however. We opened 4, we're still at 4, but another terrific game with excellent two-way action.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for 40 years.


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