Patrick Meagher Bio

Patrick_M_2020Patrick Meager

Host: The Lombardi Line 

Patrick Meagher is co-host of “The Lombardi Line” with former NFL executive, Michael Lombardi. Previously, he was host of The Rap on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio and has interviewed everyone from Mike Trout to Justin Bieber during his 20 plus year broadcasting career.


Growing up outside of Detroit, running numbers and gambling was a right of passage from too early of an age. His sports Radio career began in his hometown on WDFN Sports talk Radio. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, he has covered everything from Horse Racing to the NFL, Boxing, NCAA Tournament, Major League Baseball and more


While with SiriusXM, he has hosted a variety of programs such as the popular “Cocktails with Patrick,” for Cosmo Radio and “The John Daly Show”  on PGA Tour Radio, alongside the legendary golfer.


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