Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s included in a VSiN subscription?

A: A VSiN subscription provides subscribers with 24/7 access to our live video stream and full show replays, daily best bets, and full access to that includes pro tools like our exclusive live betting splits and power ratings. Subscribers also receive all of VSiN’s special edition betting guides published during their paid subscription period - annual subscribers receive at least 10 per year, including College Football, NFL, NBA, MLB, World Cup and more. 


Q: What sports does VSiN cover?

A: VSiN provides expert betting insight on the NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, NHL, UFC/Boxing/MMA, PGA golf, tennis, soccer (including World Cup), NASCAR, Horse Racing, and more. 


Q: What’s the difference between the monthly and annual subscription?

A: In both subscriptions, you get the same benefits — 24/7 video (live & replays), daily best bets, special edition betting guides, and full access. The annual just saves you 50% off the monthly price by paying upfront for the year.


Q: What if I start with the monthly subscription and want to switch to the annual subscription to save money?

A: Email us at and we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll credit you if you’ve been charged anything. 


Q: If I buy a Special Sport offer, will I have the option of upgrading and or be offered a different package on or before my access expires?

A: Yes, and you can always email us at when you're ready to upgrade or renew and we'll present you with our best offers.


Q: Can I buy VSiN’s Season Guide for my favorite sport separately?

A: No, the Season Guides are exclusively for VSiN subscribers. That said, you are welcome to sign up for a shorter or longer subscription period to capture the sport(s) which you find most valuable.  There are at least 10 published each year and the best value will always be an annual subscription.


Q: Can I get access to the 24/7 VSiN channel on TV or on a mobile device without having a full subscription?

A: The VSiN TV channel is a core part of a paid VSiN subscription, and most customers choose to access it through their subscription.  VSiN does air and stream through numerous national and local broadcasters - for information on how to watch through our partners, go here.


Q: How do I manage my subscription?

A: You can manage your subscription by logging into your My Account page. From there, you can easily cancel any subscriptions, update payment information, review transaction history, and change your password.


Q: How much does a VSiN subscription cost?

A: You can subscribe to VSiN through a monthly, annual, or special sport season-only subscriptions. Check for our best deals.


Q: What devices can I watch VSiN programming on?

A: You can stream VSiN through the VSiN mobile app or on any desktop or laptop via


Q: How soon are VSiN shows available for replay?

A: We usually post show replays within the hour following the show end.


Q: My live video isn't working. What's wrong? 

A: We could be having video issues, but please be sure to first check to make sure your subscription is current. Then try refreshing the page and/or signing out of your account and signing back in. That can solve video issues 99% of the time.


Q: I don't know when my subscription expires. Where do I find that? 

A: You will find it on the My Account page.


Q: How do I cancel or resume my subscription?

A: To cancel your subscription, log into your My Account page, click on the “Subscriptions” tab, click the “Manage” drop-down on the right-hand side, then select “Cancel subscription.”

To resume your subscription, please visit for our best deals. 


Q: How do I change my account password?

A: To change your password, log into your My Account page, click on the “Profile” tab, then click the “Change password.”


Q: Why am I seeing a message that my payment method is not being accepted?

A: Please take your time and enter your credit card information manually making sure that your web browser does not auto complete any of the fields. Many times, that can populate fields with out-of-date information and prevent the transaction from processing. If you’re sure your card is valid, you’ve entered everything correctly, and you're still having issues, please email us at and we’ll take care of you.


Q: I need to update my credit card. What do I do?

A: To update your credit card, log into your My Account page, click on the “Payment Info” tab, then click the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the screen beside the current card info. If no current card info is showing, click the green “Add card” to add your preferred card to your account.


Q: I have an account and I’m trying to reset my password, but the password reset isn’t working.

A: If you used to be a subscriber and canceled your account, we need to reactivate it. Email us at


Q: I'm a paid subscriber, but I'm not receiving the daily best bets email. What should I do?

A: 1) Make sure it's not in your spam folder. 2) Make sure your subscription is current. 3) Email


Q: I’m a subscriber. How do I get access to the website?

A: Please make sure you’re signed into your account by clicking “Sign In” at the top right-hand of the page. If your subscription is current, you should have no issues accessing all the content once you’re signed in. If your subscription is out of date, you can sign back up at


Q: I’m a subscriber and I’m logged in, but I’m unable to access stories on the website.

A: Log out and log back in. If the problem persists or if you’re unable to sign out, clear your browser cache/cookies (Chrome; Safari; Firefox; Edge).


Q: How do I purchase a gift subscription?

A: Please email us at with the contact information for the person(s) to whom you’d like to send a gift subscription.


Q: How do I contact customer support?

A: You have any questions or need help with something, please email us at


Q: Is there a phone number I can call for help?

A: Email your number and we will call you back.


Q: I ordered a shirt from the VSiN store four weeks ago. Where is it?

A: Our shirts are made to order, so it can take 2-4 weeks before the merchandise is shipped. Please note, larger quantities and sizes can take a bit longer. 


Q: What does “in pocket” mean on Follow The Money with Mitch & Pauly?

A: “In pocket” means the bet has been made and, most importantly, at that particular price. The price may have changed since then. It's also the segment in which Mitch and Pauly summarize their picks.


Q. Where can I find all of the betting terms I hear your experts use and read in your coverage

A.  Here is a link to Sports Betting Terms