A complete handicap of the Heisman futures board

July 28, 2022 10:14 PM

Handicapping the Heisman odds board, especially before any games are played, is one of the biggest challenges college football bettors face.

Not only does the Heisman winner need to achieve tremendous personal success on the field, his team’s performance is a large factor, and the media must play a role in a player’s Heisman campaign. 

Not enough headlines, feature pieces and game day coverage? Then no Heisman. 

All of that basically creates a parlay bettors must account for. 

No doubt there will be a good-sized group, let's say somewhere north of 20 players, who will shine on a weekly basis and look like the best in the country. However, the media members covering the sport and voting on the award are only going to brand a select few as having a “magical season.” 

That makes the media analysis angle an integral part of handicapping this award. Perhaps more so than trying to project how many yards or touchdowns a player will have. 

How many passing yards and touchdowns did Bryce Young have last year at Alabama to win the award?

Not too many people will easily recall the 4,322 yards and 43 touchdowns, but they will remember he had a historic offensive season. That media narrative was repeated throughout last fall. 

Storylines can surpass specific stats in Heisman handicapping. 

So working under the assumption that all of the top candidates will excel in the stats category, let’s examine Heisman futures from a macro perspective, with an emphasis on media narratives, by breaking down some of the candidates under the context of “what will it take for him to win?” 

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