16 is always sweeter in Las Vegas

By Vinny Magliulo  (VSiN oddsmaker) 

March 21, 2017 06:48 PM

They're really rockin' Boston

In Pittsburgh, P. A.

Deep in the heart of Texas

And 'round the Frisco Bay

All over St. Louis

And down in New Orleans

All the cats want to dance with

Sweet little sixteen 

From "Sweet Little Sixteen" by Chuck Berry

Sadly, we lost Rock 'n' Roll’s poet laureate last Saturday when Chuck Berry passed away.

While growing up in the New York metropolitan area, I attended many concerts at Madison Square Garden and the Nassau Coliseum. Led Zeppelin was the toughest ticket and a great show. But in between them and Grand Funk Railroad, Richard Nader’s Rock & Roll Revivals were much cheaper and a very good time. Chuck Berry was the highlight of every show and the sold-out crowd – from teens to forty-somethings – loved him!

Here in Las Vegas, the betting frenzy for March Madness is on another record pace. Depending on the property, the first four days of this year’s tournament generated an average handle increase of 10%-15% over last year.

I believe the trend will continue with this week’s Sweet Sixteen.

From a business standpoint, we hope for a good mix of some traditional powers and longshots with Cinderella looking for a dance partner. With the exception of Gonzaga, this year’s group comes from the Power Six conferences.

Business at the South Point has been very steady since the numbers were posted last Saturday & Sunday--including a $1,000 wager on South Carolina to go all the way at 90-1 odds! The betting menu includes sides, totals, money-lines, first and second halves, futures and will or will-not win-it-all propositions. 

Rest assured, my buddies Jimmy Vaccaro and Chris Andrews will continue to sweeten the pot at the South Point. In fact, as we made the numbers for these games, we had Chuck Berry’s Greatest Hits playing in the office. And you know what; the prices came out just a little bit sweeter.

Enjoy and we’ll see you at VSiN & the South Point!

Vinny Magliulo is VSiN's oddsmaker. Follow him on Twitter @VSiNVinny.

South Carolina drew a $1,000 wager at 90-1 odds to win the NCAA title
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